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We take 5 for the BBC First British Film Festival

26 October

The BBC First British Film Festival, now in the fourth year, has grown from strength-to-strength and almost doubled in size from its original incarnation.  We sat down with the festival’s programming Manager, Kim Petalas, to talk about the best of British Cinema and of this year’s festival.  BBC First British Film Festival runs across October and November and tickets are now on sale, here http://britishfilmfestival.com.au/


1. What do you love especially about the world of British Cinema?

Australians enjoy  a great affinity with British cinema, we understand their dramatic sensibility and adore their humour.  We identify with their  characters and we see them as real people.

2. What are some of your favourite British films?

Some of the best British films I have seen include BRIEF ENCOUNTER, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, HOWARDS END and I, DANIEL BLAKE is my contemporary favourite.

3. What are your highlights from this year’s BBC First British Film Festival?

I Daniel Blake, Their Finest, A Quiet Passion and A Monster Calls.

4. There is a retrospective in this year’s programme “ Local Heroes”, there must have been so many great films to choose from.  How did you narrow it down to only 10 films?

It was important to showcase  box office heroes (Carry On Series), Award Heroes (Oliver, Room at the top) and pay homage to some of the great British Actors Sean Connery, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Jeremy Irons and David Bowie. I was able to select some of their greatest work.

5. Finish this sentence, KEEP CALM AND…

…  see both the best in contemporary and retrospective British Cinema at the BBC British Film Festival!

And there you have it, some of the festival’s highlights from the programmer himself.  What will you see at this year’s BBC First British Film Festival?

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