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The Beatles – 50 Years on…

15 August


Jeffrey Black is an avid fan of ‘The Fab Four’ and has been since the day he walked into Palings record store in Queen Street (Brisbane) and bought a copy of ‘Paperback Writer’ in 1966.

With the release of Ron Howard’s film ‘The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years‘, we asked Jeffrey to reflect on his love of The Beatles after all these years.

In late August 1966, The Beatles scurried off the stage at Candlestick Park, San Francisco at the end of their American Tour knowing that this would be their last live concert before a paying audience. They’d prepared by taking cameras on stage to record the event from their perspective and had  an assistant record their 27 minutes set. On the flight back to London, lead guitarist George Harrison was overhead to say – “Well, that’s it – I’m no longer a Beatle.”

Fifty years on the  love for The Beatles hasn’t diminished. Remastered and reissued albums fly off the shelves, boxed-sets are highly prized, and restored film and video is being drip-fed to an eager audience. ‘Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years’ and its companion CD/vinyl is set to fan the flames further.

So what is the enduring fascination with The Beatles?  In the 60s they were fresh, irreverent, and played their hearts out with the driving and melodic music they wrote. Their hair was long (-ish), their suits snappy, their mouths sharp, and by the end of the decade, they had something important to say about the state of the world. We grew up with them, loved them, and we believed in them. And new generations of music-lovers still embrace them wholly.

The Beatles were not afraid to prod the ‘establishment’ – even telling an audience in the cheap seats to clap, and the rest – ‘just rattle your jewellery.’ They stood up against racial segregation during their American Tours, told the press that they were becoming more well known to fans than Jesus Christ (not John’s finest moment), implored world leaders and armies to stay in bed and asserted that all you need is love. They did it on the biggest of stages, throughout the most magnificent eras of music, and to their adoring fans, and their messages still resonate today.

Jeffrey Black

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years‘ will have special event release screenings at Palace Cinemas from September 16. Visit here for more information.

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