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Ethan Hawke teases fourth ‘Before’ Film

24 March

As Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy and Richard Linklater’s 1995 romance drama Before Sunrise approaches its 25th anniversary, our minds swoon as we were teased this week with the possibility of a fourth film in the much-loved Before series.

During an interview, Ethan Hawke suggested that if it were to happen, a fourth Before film would break the tradition of the nine-year gap and offer something different.  He also spoke on how much the series meant to him and that if they went to do a fourth instalment, it would need to be just as special, but that he and Linklater do ‘think about it’:

“Linklater would want a different path, either a short film set four years after ‘Midnight’ or a feature two decades in the future. We think about it. Those are the three best experiences of my life: ‘Before Sunrise,’ ‘Before Sunset,’ and ‘Before Midnight.’ They are a part of me. So the idea of revisiting it, I would have to believe we could make something as good.”

Hawke even admitted the setting it during this time of the coronavirus pandemic would be an interesting setting for a fourth film:

 “Wouldn’t it be hysterical if the next movie was just them in isolation? If there’s one person to make the world laugh about what’s happening now it’s Julie Delpy. I can’t imagine what she would say about this. And Linklater is such a scientist. He has something powerful to say about this. Maybe this one should be set in Italy. Just go right into the fire and [Jesse and Celine] are singing with all those people on their porches.”

Jesse and Celine stuck in a small Italian apartment, discussing existential topics of love, life and age before singing whimsically on the balcony with other isolated couples… would make a perfect fit into the Before series. For the time being, nothing is confirmed – but we can dream…

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