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Mad Max – Furiosa Prequel

1 April

In 2015, George Miller delivered Mad Max: Fury Road to huge critical and commercial success, the film went on to win six Academy Awards and, understandably, has been teased with a possible sequel ever since. Unfortunately plagued with legal troubles and controversies, a sequel has seen multiple delays and no assured release, but there is good news! George Miller is reportedly holding auditions for a Mad Max Furiosa prequel, which he hopes to shoot next year in 2021.

Portrayed by Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa quickly became a cinematic icon with Theron’s intense performance, unquestionably earning the right to be the first film in the Mad Max series without the titular character.



The question now, who could fill the iconic role if not Theron? The biggest name that has broken through the hushed auditioning process is actress Anya Taylor-Joy, commonly known from her films The Witch, Split & most recently, the hilarious Jane Austen adaptation, Emma. A recent IndieWire article said Miller was

“meeting with names including Anya Taylor-Joy for his ‘Furiosa’ spin-off, which he hopes to start shooting in 2021. Of  course, Miller is making concessions to coronavirus – those auditions have taken place via Skype”.



It’s unclear who else Miller will be auditioning, but from what we’ve seen from Taylor-Joy, she may be up to the task and more importantly, able to put her own stamp on the character.

With a lot of speculation surrounding the Mad Max franchise (there are also reports of other planned Mad Max movies – one of which being a direct sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road titled Mad Max: The Wasteland), it’s hard to confirm certainty around anything, but we hope that once the world returns to normal (and not the barren wasteland depicted in the Mad Max) we’ll ‘witness’ another instalment in this legendary tale.

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