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New Australian Release Date for ‘Tenet’

29 July

In a surprising, but welcomed turn of events, Tenet will be receiving a release in Australia for Thursday, August 27, whilst the U.S. will have its release on September 3. Warner Bros. studio announced Monday that Tenet is launching in theatres in over 70 overseas territories, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United Kingdom. At this time it’s unsure where in the U.S. The film will be played and Warner Bros. does not have plans to release Tenet in China, the second-biggest global box office market.

After previously stating last week that the film would not have a traditional global release date, the studio has managed to break from tradition as foreign markets are already open and safely operating and needs more Hollywood content to entice crowds.

A staggered rollout for a film of this size (costing $200 million to produce and tens of millions more to market) would normally be a risky endeavour but it would appear Warner Bros. is aware of the unique situation that cinemas are currently facing and have decided to push forward, it will be a very interesting result to see how audiences react to the idea of journeying to the theatre to watch a blockbuster of this size.

Christopher Nolan is a vocal advocate of movie theatres, and exhibitors had long hoped that Tenet could be a saving grace for cinemas after prolonged shutdowns began in March. Thankfully, as situations grow more complicated in the U.S. we here in Australia are managing the pandemic and will be able to enjoy the latest instalment from the master director before the end of next month!

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