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New Joel Edgerton thriller confirmed to shoot in South Australia

21 April

The South Australian government has confirmed that new feature film The Unknown Man will begin shooting in and around Adelaide once film production is allowed to resume following the Coronavirus crisis. The crime thriller will star Joel Edgerton (Boy Erased, Loving) and UK actor Sean Harris (The King, Mission Impossible: Fallout) in leading roles, with the film written and directed by up and coming Aussie filmmaker Thomas M Wright, director of Acute Misfortune.

Wright’s sophomore effort, The Unknown Man follows two men, Henry (played by Harris) and Mark (played by Edgerton) who strike up a friendship after meeting on a plane. For Henry, who is worn down by a lifetime of physical labour and crime, Mark appears to be his saviour and ally. What he doesn’t know is that Mark is an undercover cop who is determined to convict him of an unsolved murder committed years prior.

The project is in safe hands, coming to us from powerhouse production companies See-Saw Films (Lion, Tracks, Academy Award® best Picture winner The King’s Speech) and Anonymous Content (Boy Erased, Academy Award® best Picture winner Spotlight) with Edgerton also serving as a producer on the film.

Edgerton’s already impressive resume continues to grow beyond acting roles, his recent credits include producing and co-writing Netflix’s The King, as well as directing, producing and writing Boy Erased (2018) and The Gift (2015). It has recently been announced that he will be directing and starring in the upcoming television series Gaslit, which will also star Julia Roberts, Sean Penn and Armie Hammer.

The Unknown Man was originally announced at Berlin’s European Film Market back in February this year, where Edgerton commented:

“I am entirely thrilled by the screenplay that Thomas has written and his approach to bringing the story to life. As an actor, I know I will have an incredible experience working with him, and as a producer I am honoured to be partnering with a filmmaker with such a brilliant future.”

Co-Producers Gardner, Canning and Sherman added:

“Thomas has written a unique and exceptional script to highlight the incredible story behind how a shocking crime was ultimately solved. Joel has been an ardent supporter since the start and alongside Sean will no doubt bring a level of integrity and gravitas to the fascinating story and relationship between two very different men.”


Production dates for The Unknown Man will be determined at a future time, pending the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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