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Goldstone penned at Palace Barracks

16 July

Fitting it was, that Palace Barracks Cinema hosted the recent Queensland Premiere of Ivan Sen’s GOLDSTONE; when Sen introduced the film to a sold-out crowd he revealed he had written much of the screenplay in the Palace Barracks café.

While introducing the Queensland Premiere, Brisbane-based Sen indicated he had written many pivotal scenes for the film while enjoying the stellar views, and maybe a choc top or two, at Palace Barracks. A Queensland film to its core, the fictional town of Goldstone was built from the ground up on site at Queensland town Middleton, which had a population of three before cast and crew descended on the outback town.

Following the premiere, guests enjoyed an insightful Q&A with Sen and actor Aaron Pedersen and was moderated by Maxine Williamson, film director of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival.

Pedersen, ever the lively interviewee, playfully jabbed at Sen to bring back indigenous detective Jay Swan for a third film, so his character could finish his story via a trilogy. While Sen is currently working on another sci-fi film project, he admitted a final installment isn’t off the table for Swan (and Pedersen).

We are pleased to let Ivan know that if and when the time comes to write the film that Palace Barracks will be standing by with views, coffee, and chocolate to help inspire another masterful piece of Australian filmmaking work.

GOLDSTONE is now showing at Palace Cinemas, nationally.

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