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New bar and café Overlook opened by Astor Theatre

21 February

We’re thrilled to announce that a new bar and café called Overlook has opened adjacent to the Astor Theatre.

Inhabiting a space vacated recently by a launderette, Overlook takes its name from the iconic Overlook hotel featured in Stephen King’s 1977 novel, The Shining.  Visually brought to life in the 1980 film adaption by master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, the Overlook Hotel represents an eerie link to a past that is deeply reflected in the grandiose art deco stylings of The Astor Theatre.

“This is personified in the final moments of Kubrick’s rendition of The Shining, where the camera slowly push zooms into a wall of historical photographs, we see a familiar face standing in the middle of a smashing 4th of July bash in 1921. The idea that the central character has always been somehow linked to The Overlook Hotel is a stunning and memorable final image that sticks with you long after the credits roll.” Says Zak Hepburn, The Astor Theatre’s General Manager.

He continues: “In a way, it’s how we feel about The Astor Theatre, we are all linked to it, walking through the grand foyer feels like you have suddenly recalled a moment in the past that you had long forgotten. It’s a walk down into a hidden speakeasy, where things are about to get very interesting. The design of Overlook was to perfectly complement the Astor’s unique personality and eclectic eccentricity.”

“We are proud to showcase Overlook, the café and bar space next to the Astor Theatre. It’s the perfect complement for a pre-movie catch-up, post-film debriefs or an interlude between double features.”

The menu offers a curated selection of fine wines, craft beers and carefully considered cocktails. Sitting alongside the dashing drinks menu is a selection of food courtesy of some of Melbourne finest food purveyors, including crafted menu offerings from D.O.C, Milk The Cow, Harrow and Eaton, Doughboys and Baking Bad.

Welcome to Overlook – We hope you enjoy it; after all, you’ve always been here…and so have we.

3–5 Chapel Street, St Kilda (next to The Astor Theatre)

Daily 7am–midnight

Read more on Broadsheet Melbourne

Photography: Charlie Kinross

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