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Our picks for this week | Feb 11

10 February

Welcome to our new Review Roundup! In this weekly programme, we’ll be taking a look at the latest releases and ensuring that we only suggest the best!

Another Round (M) | BOOK TICKETS

An intoxicating look at midlife-crises, Another Round is the latest superbly crafted social study from director Thomas Vinteberg (The Hunt), which reunites him with renowned Danish star, Mads Mikkelsen (The Hunt, Hannibal, Casino Royale) in what many critics are hailing as the finest performance of his career. Nominated for Best Picture at the 2021 Golden Globes, Another Round continues to garner incredible critical acclaim (it’s also our top pick for Best Foreign Film at this year’s Academy Awards) and is our top-choice for this week.

“A truly wonderful movie about trying to come to grips with life, anchored by terrific performances, infectious music, and a real understanding of the humming discontentment that all adults must learn to navigate in their own ways”

– Vox

“Another Round is a breath of fresh air for anyone who has been starving for intelligent entertainment “
– Leonard Maltin

“The final sequence is bittersweet, but it’s also one of the most purely entertaining, magnificent moments on film in 2020”
– Polygon

The People Upstairs (M) | BOOK TICKETS

Acclaimed director Cesc Gay adapts his hit play, Los Vecinos de Arriba, where a couple is condemned to an evening entertaining their careless neighbours — soon, small talk turns into emotional upheaval.  An impeccable portrayal of contemporary urbanites, The People Upstairs will strike a chord with its hilarious insights into modern relationships.

“A hilarious study in how to sour any social relation”
– CineEuropa

“This is true laugh-out-loud comedy, with a sophisticated, grown-up foundation”
– GLAM Adelaide

“A smart, genuinely funny and tightly written comedy”
– Stuff.co.nz

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