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“Burning”: Poetry on Screen
Chang-dong Lee’s Burning, based on Haruki Murakami’s short story ‘Barn Burning’, approaches the mysteries of life in this unconventional and genre-subverting thriller set in modern consumerist South-Korea. The film explores the lives of three enigmatic youths as they try to make sense of their purpose, existence and place in the world. Born in Daegu the […]
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Hey there, Surfers Paradise
We’re opening a new cinema in the heart of Surfers Paradise!  The 12 screen cinema complex is set to open as a part of the X Galaxy Centre redevelopment in late-2019. After the closure of the Hoyts complex in 1995, our new location, situated on the corner of Surfers Paradise Boulevard and Elkhorn Avenue, represents […]
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Sydney, get ready for the new Palace Central!
We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening a new cinema, Palace Central, in the multi-award winning development, Central Park Mall, in Sydney’s Chippendale. The new 14 screen complex on Level 3 of the centre will open in late 2017 and will also uphold the building’s ‘green’ ethos, utilising technology which will use […]
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The Beatles – 50 Years on…
HE LOVES YOU (YEAH, YEAH, YEAH) Jeffrey Black is an avid fan of ‘The Fab Four’ and has been since the day he walked into Palings record store in Queen Street (Brisbane) and bought a copy of ‘Paperback Writer’ in 1966. With the release of Ron Howard’s film ‘The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – […]
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18 Jul

Volvo Scandinavian Film Festival

Volvo Scandinavian Film Festival

Last week, we had the utmost pleasure of hosting guests of this year’s Volvo Scandinavian Film Festival, brothers, Jakob and Jonas Oftebro.

With each starring in festival highlights, GOLD COAST and AS IT IS IN HEAVEN 2: HEAVEN ON EARTH and THE WAVE respectively, the brothers spent time in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne enjoying the local highlights of our great cities.

Jakob Oftebro, an enigmatic talent to watch, is one of Scandinavia’s most talented actors speaking five languages and who has appeared in more than twenty films since 2004, including Academy Award Nominee, KON-TIKI in 2012.

Jakob will soon star in the hotly-anticipated adaptation of best-selling Scandi-noir author, Jo Nesbo’s, THE SNOWMAN alongside Michael Fassbender, Chloe Sevigny, J.k. Simmons, Rebecca Ferguson and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Below is an excerpt from Jakob’s Q&A at Palace Cinema Como, Melbourne:

AS IT IS IN HEAVEN played around Australia for many months, was that the same in Scandinavia?

Yes, it was such a large film for the region, it was one of those films that also took hold and just kept playing in the cinemas and then on TV.

The film has had such an enormous impact around the world; how was it to appear in the sequel of this massive fan-base film that so many people will see?

It was a huge hit, and when I was asked to be in the sequel it was very much “Wow, ten years later, how are we going to do this?”. But I spoke to Kay Pollack the director and Frida Hallgren about how this could work and their thoughts about it and just felt privileged to come into this universe. It was like stepping into a video game – it was such a world of its own.

In historical epic GOLD COAST, which looks at a young Danish idealist sent to colonial Danish Guinea (Southeast Ghana today), you underwent an intensive weight loss regime for your role. Can you tell us about that experience?

I don’t recommend anyone doing it at home, but it was interesting for the part, going and experiencing living in Africa in that era when everyone almost died within four or eight months as there was not bacteriology. Nobody knew where the illnesses came from, but that was why so many people went there because you could go from sweeping the floor to Governor in a few months. Everyone else was dead. So it was a huge physical change for me, but the role demanded it.

How long did it take you to lose the weight and then regain it to a healthy limit?

That’s the terrible thing; it takes so long to lose it and no time to regain it.

The Volvo Scandinavian Filme Festival continues around Australia until August 3.

AS IT IS IN HEAVEN 2: HEAVEN ON EARTH opens on August 4.