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25% Off Palace Home Cinema

Exclusive for Sydney!

We might be in lockdown but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on exquisite cinema, so we’re offering 25% off on our Palace Home Cinema streaming service!

Just use the code ZIPO8H5TJ5E9 when checking out your rental. See below for how to access this offer.

How to Access Palace Home Cinema (With Discount Code):

1. Visit www.palacehomecinema.com.au and sign in using your Palace Movie Club account details.

2. Click RENT on the desired title

3. A prompt for a credit card will appear, select I HAVE A PROMO CODE and insert the code ZIPO8H5TJ5E9

4. Complete the purchase with your credit card details

5. More details for system requirements and lengths of rentals can be found HERE

Not a member? You can now join our FREE or PAID tiers instantly! Full details here

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Palace Home Cinema

25% OFF
Use code ZIPO8H5TJ5E9