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666 Fridays
The Anniversary Season

Palace Central presents 666 FRIDAYS, curated by Static Vision, where you’ll find the most devious, deranged and demonic horror and genre flicks this side of Transylvania, from May 17th – July 26th in our 66-seat theatrette of terror, Cinema 6(66). This time around, we’re bringing seven terrifying classics back to the big screen, in celebration of their 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th and 40th anniversaries, every other Friday at 8.30pm.

Tickets are shockingly affordable at $10.00 for Palace Movie Club Members ($12.00 Concession/$15.00 General) – don’t miss out on our exclusive 666 FRIDAYS Beer Hall special, with schooners of all tap beers going for just $6.00 before the feature!


Alien | 40th Anniversary Screening
A mainstay on the genre-film circuit, Palace are proud to present the brand new, director approved 4K restoration of Alien, in honour of its 40th anniversary. The film that put Sigourney Weaver and director Ridley Scott firmly on the map, Alien follows the crew of commercial spaceship Nostromo, as they respond to a distress signal from a distant planet. Finding thousands of eggs of unknown origin upon arrival, the crew inadvertently unleashes a terror beyond their wildest dreams, in this H.R. Giger-inspired, downright frightening masterpiece. Fixing the oversaturation and overcorrected green tint of recent releases, with a stunning new level of detail revealed in the all-new scan, Alien hasn’t looked this good since it was initially released – relive the horror of Alien once again, or discover it for the first time, on the big screen.

The Abyss – 30th Anniversary Screening
In 1989, hot on the heels of The Terminator and Aliens, James Cameron unleashed The Abyss on global audiences. Once a mainstay of the VHS and DVD rental market, The Abyss follows a civilian oil rig’s ultra-deep diving crew tasked with a search and rescue mission by the military after a nuclear submarine mysteriously sinks. Travelling into unknown realms, 25,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, a group of divers discover a mysterious, undocumented force with the power to change the world, or destroy it. Anchored by career best performances from Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, The Abyss is a weird and wonderful sci-fi treat, an underseen and underappreciated high concept underwater sci-fi flick from one of the genre’s masters. A late-80s oddity best seen on the big screen, The Abyss was a sign of things to come from James Cameron – worthy of rediscovery and reappraisal in 2019, join us for a screening of the original theatrical cut, 30 years on from its initial release.

Pet Sematary – 30th Anniversary Screening
Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Mary Lambert’s literally ground-breaking Stephen King adaptation is one of the finest interpretations of the horror master’s work to date. After moving into the country house of their dreams, Dr. Louis Creed and his family discover an old pet cemetery at the back of their property. Beyond it, lies a cursed burial ground, deep in the woods, able to bring the dead back to life (with some minor problems). As things take a dark turn for the Creeds, Louis begins to think the unthinkable, toying with a decision that may bring dire consequences. Campy, eerie and freaky, Mary Lambert’s take on Stephen King’s source material is a fan favourite, boasting an all-time great performance from Fred Gwynne of The Munsters fame, as oddball neighbour Jud Crandall, and – of course – Church the cat. An all-round crowd-pleaser, join us for a night of kooks and spooks as we bring Pet Sematary back to the big screen.

In the Mouth of Madness | 25th Anniversary Screening
Finishing off our anniversary program is John Carpenter’s spectacular In the Mouth of Madness. The third instalment in Carpenter’s Apocalypse trilogy (following The Thing and Prince of Darkness), In the Mouth of Madness follows John (Sam Neill), a detective hired to investigate the mysterious disappearance of cult author Suttor Cane, whose trashy horror novels are said to cause disorientation, memory loss and paranoia in less stable readers. John is sceptical, confident the disappearance is a hoax staged by Cane’s publisher to drum up publicity for his new novel. However, after reading one of Cane’s novels, strange and terrifying events begin to occur around him, and John is forced to grapple with the possibility that all the myths surrounding the author may be true. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, In the Mouth of Madness is a bonkers Carpenter fan favourite, a pulpy Lovecraftian nightmare and an absolute must-see for fans of the horror genre.

Dates, Location & Tickets

Palace Central

Alien (M) Encore Screening!
Friday, June 21


The Abyss (M)
Friday, June 28


Pet Semetary (1983) (MA15+)
Friday, July 12


In The Mouth of Madness (MA15+)
Friday, July 26