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Australian Independent Cinemas Need Your Support

Ensure the longevity of independent cinemas nation wide


Over the past week, Independent Cinemas across Australia have united by inviting local MPs to visit and raise their voice to extend support for our heavily impacted industry. 

We greatly appreciate all of the local MPs that displayed their commitment to Australia’s independent cinemas’ survival, recognising them as essential cultural epicentres of communities everywhere.

Now we call on our biggest champions, the people that fuel our passion and drive what we do. That’s our audience, that’s you! 

Show your support with these steps below, to convey how much cinema means to you and ensure they make it to the other side.

1. Click either ‘Email Your Support‘ below, which will automatically load an email addressed to the Hon. Scott Morrison, the Hon. Josh Frydenberg, and the Hon. Paul Fletcher (make sure to sign your name).

2. Or you can choose to ‘sign our petition’ below to show your support.

3. Know your continued support means everything to cinemas nationwide!


Alternatively, contact your local MP with the following invitation HERE

Find you local MP HERE, use the post-code search towards the bottom of the page.

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