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Chauvel Tuesdays brings you the best in cult cinema, every Tuesday at 7:00pm from January 22 until February 26.  Contained within curated seasons, Chauvel Tuesdays presents a season of Romance.

Tickets are a steal at only $15.00 for standard admission, and $10.00 for our Palace Movie Club members.

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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004) (M)

Tuesday, Jan 22 | 7:00pm
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Harold & Maude (1971) (M)

Tuesday, Jan 29 | 7:00pm
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The Hunger (1983) (M)

Tuesday, Feb 5 | 7:00pm
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True Romance (1992) (R18+)

Tuesday, Feb 12 | 7:00pm
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The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) (M)

Tuesday, Feb 19 | 7:00pm
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Blue Valentine (2010) (MA15+)

Tuesday, Feb 26 | 7:00pm
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To get in the mood for love, we’re starting with Michel Gondry’s off-the-wall romantic comedy, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004) on Jan 22 – Propelled by Charlie Kaufman’s genius script and Michel Gondry’s unique directorial aesthetic, Eternal Sunshine is a head-swirling yet heartfelt look at relationships and heartache.

Then we bring a true cult-classic to screen with Hal Ashby’s Harold & Maude (1971) on Jan 29. There’s no denying this film’s dark twisted humour, but there’s also no denying its big heart as it cuts through the surface of conventional romance and taps into what actually draws people together.

We move to the 80s on Feb 5 with the feature debut of legendary director Tony Scott, The Hunger (1983).  Not a romance we hear you say?  What else would you call a film about a vampire that feeds off the blood of her seduced lovers by promising them eternal youth?  Twilight it ain’t! Worth seeing for the iconic cast and cinematography alone in 35mm print.

We stick with Tony Scott, for we love him so, and bring you another unconventional romance, but perhaps the truest of them all.  That’s right, on Feb 12, we bring you True Romance (1993)! Fueled by Quentin Tarantino’s wild screenplay and a smorgasbord of LEGENDARY performances, Tony Scott’s True Romance is gutter poetry at its finest, where else does blaze of bullets feel like a bouquet of flowers?

On Feb 19, Robert Feust’s The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971), a film that’s rarely unique as it balances not only romance, but horror and humor as well.  Under the picture’s campy façade, there’s genuine pathos brought poignantly to life through Vincent Price’s performance.

You might have picked that we’ve presented some unconventional romances for this season, but our final film can only be described as a love story. On Feb 26, we conclude with Blue Valentine (2010).  This emotionally gripping examination of a marriage on the rocks isn’t always easy to watch, but Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling give performances of exceptional depth and power.

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