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C’mon C’mon – Movie Club ‘First-Look’ Preview Brisbane

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From director Mike Mills comes the emotionally textured and heartfelt C’mon C’mon, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman.

Be the first to witness Mills’ earnest tale of intergenerational connection and healing, with an exclusive first look for our Movie Club Members.

Shot in mesmerising black and white, C’mon C’mon revolves around Johnny, an emotionally stunted and softspoken radio journalist who travels the country interviewing a variety of kids about their thoughts concerning their world and their future. Then Johnny’s saddled with caring for his young nephew Jesse. Jesse brings a new perspective and, as they travel from state to state, effectively turns the emotional tables on Johnny.

Event Details:

Thursday, February 10 | 6:30pm

Palace Movie Club (max 2): $9.50
Palace Golden Club (max 2): $8.50

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“While it’s fully grounded as a family portrait, overlaid on it still is that type of cosmic optimism which makes Mills’s work so lovely. I’m not even sure we fully deserve it, but it would be sheer masochism to turn it down”

– The Telegraph


“C’mon C’mon is a great big bear hug wrapped in celluloid”

– Independent UK

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Palace Barracks
Thursday, February 10


Palace James St
Thursday, February 10