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Double Feature
Badlands + Bonnie & Clyde

Each month at Chauvel we handpick a double feature presentation we know you’ll love.  For June, we present two masterpieces of American cinema that continue to reverberate through filmmaking decades later, Badlands + Bonnie & Clyde (M).

The hypnotic Badlands starts our afternoon (in 35mm!), Terrence Malick’s debut is a masterful slice of the American psyche, rife with the visual poetry and measured performances that would come to characterise his work, and later serve as an influence on the Tarantino + Tony Scott collaboration True Romance.

We follow on with Warren Beaty’s Bonnie & Clyde, a paradigm-shifting classic which caused major controversy upon its release by redefining violence in cinema and casting its criminal protagonists as sympathetic anti-heroes.  The film would later be hailed as the leading influence for the golden age of filmmaking in the 1970s (which of course includes Badlands).

$18.00 Palace Movie Club (Max 2)
$23.00 General Admission.

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Chauvel Cinema
Saturday, June 22nd