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Ladies Night | Rise

Enjoy French champagne, drinks and delicacies prior to the film!

Alliance Française French Film Festival Ladies Night

Come and enjoy a night out with a friend or two (or more!) and indulge in some French treats prior to the world premiere of Rise, the inspirational dance film directed by renowned filmmaker Cédric Klapisch.


Élise (Marion Barbeau) is a talented ballet dancer whose life is turned upside down, first by an injury and then by catching her boyfriend cheating with her understudy. On a path to physical and emotional recovery, she travels from Paris to Brittany, where she embraces the artistic freedom of contemporary dance. On this journey of self-discovery, she finds friendship and new ways to reinvent herself.

The latest project of talented director, Cédric Klapisch (Someone Somewhere AF FFF20, Back to Burgundy AF FFF18), is a beautiful tale of strength and resilience. Rise combines emerging talent with picturesque locations to tell a fundamentally human story about finding one’s place and purpose in community. By taking audiences on a magical journey into the sublime Opéra de Paris’ backstage, Klapisch explores the passionate souls of dancers in an engrossing and sincere tale of transformation.


Event Details:

Thursday 10 March

6:00pm Arrivals for 6:30pm Screening

Enjoy French champagne, drinks and delicacies prior to film



“A story of resilience set in Paris and Brittany, “Rise” traverses the worlds of classical and contemporary dance with a young woman’s journey from success to rock bottom, and back again. “

– Variety

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Palace Electric
Thursday, March 10
6:00pm Arrivals for 6:30pm Film

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