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Palazzo di Cozzo – Opening Day Offer

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On Thursday, September 16, Palace Cinemas is offering Opening Day discounts to our Movie Club and Golden Club members for the heartwarming and charm-filled documentary, Palazzo di Cozzo(PG), which explores the modest and majestic dreams of Melbourne’s iconic baroque homewares mogul, Franco Cozzo, striving to secure his legacy within contemporary Australia.

Arriving in Melbourne in 1956, Sicilian-born Franco Cozzo is a universally beloved figure with a truly inspirational, and aspirational, story.  Cozzo’s personality is as big as the bedheads he sells, but director Madeleine  Martiniello eschews caricature and delivers this account with thoughtful affection. In particular, she reminds us just how rare and innovative his 1980s television ads were: spoken in English, Italian and Greek, they helped to foster a sense of community and inclusivity in a Melbourne that was still coming to grips with the notion of multiculturalism. Overflowing with charm and heart, this snapshot of local history is sure to be megalo, megalo, megalo!

Palace Movie Club (max 2): $10.00
Palace Golden Club (max 2): $8.00

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