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This Is Port Adelaide

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RESCHEDULED TO THURSDAY 6th of MAY!  Please note due to travel restrictions the previously advertised Q&A can no longer occur with the special guests.  

Exclusive to Palace Cinemas, we’re thrilled to invite you to a special one-off screening of the compelling documentary, This is Port Adelaide.

Port Adelaide Football Club is one of Australia’s oldest and most successful sporting clubs. 2020 marks its 150th anniversary. This is Port Adelaide explores how the club has become an integral part of the identity of Port Adelaide people, and the passion that flows through players and one-eyed supporters.

Through compelling first-hand accounts, This is Port Adelaide shares the stories of those who have claimed victory wearing the coveted guernsey, and the loyalty of their devoted supporters. 2020 brought unprecedented challenges, a global pandemic, limited crowds, and players quarantined. But the undying connection of the Port Adelaide community, passed down to each new generation, underpins the resilience the club has needed to adapt and survive.

This is Port Adelaide is a universal story about belonging to your tribe and to something bigger than yourself. More than simply a football game, this is a story about what it means to belong.

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Palace Raine Square
Rescheduled to
Thursday, May 6