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Uproar & The Old Oak
Opening Day Offer

Opening Day Members Exclusive!

Join us for an exclusive Opening Day offer with discounted tickets for Movie Club Members to the uplifting new releases Uproar & The Old Oak.

The Old Oak:

Imbued with the fiercely humanistic spirit that has defined Ken Loach’s filmography, The Old Oak serves as a fitting finale to the remarkable career of the revered filmmaker. Set in an impoverished town in the Northeast of England, the drama tells the story of a disenfranchised community where The Old Oak, a local pub, stands as the last community gathering place. When the town becomes divided over an influx of Syrian refugees, publican TJ is ready to help the newcomers as best he can despite xenophobic backlash across the township. The film delivers a resolute message of hope with a heartfelt narrative ruminating on the power of acceptance and community.


Another desperately needed upbeat film that reflects on the importance of connection in the face of division is the funny, poignant, and emotional NZ-made comedy Uproar starring Wellington wonder Julian Dennison (Hunt for the Wilderpeople). Set in Dunedin in 1981, a rugby-obsessed country is divided over the arrival of the South African Springboks team, sparking nationwide protests. Under pressure from home and school to conform, Josh, who has never felt like he fits in anywhere, is inspired by the protests to find his own voice. A sequence of events sees Josh embrace his community and follow his heart to his whakapapa (Māori heritage), which brings him and his whānau on a journey towards healing.

This offer will only be available for the films’ day of release on Thursday, November 30!

Event Details:

Thursday, November 30 | Check your preferred cinema venue for specific times.


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The Old Oak

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Thursday, November 30

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Palace Cinemas Nationally
Thursday, November 30

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