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Palace Cinemas’ Response to Coronavirus

14 March


Updated 14/03/2020

The health and safety of our customers and staff are of primary concern for us. We work hard to ensure that the cinema is a healthy and safe environment. The situation is being monitored and Palace Cinemas will act promptly on advice from the Australian Government Department of Health. All cinemas are cleaned thoroughly throughout the day before and after each session, as well as another deep-clean overnight. Our climate-controlled facilities include air-filtration systems, and we are doubling down on the below measures for in-cinema cleaning:

  • Wipe-down and sanitize before and after every session.
  • Gloves are being worn by all staff for food preparation.
  • Over-night our professional cleaning service is also sanitizing all contact surfaces.
  • Staff understand they should not come to work if they experience fever or any flu-like symptoms.

In line with advice from the Australian Government Department of Health, it is not yet necessary to restrict movement in public places, therefore we will continue to have regular sessions. However, you will be the first to know if this changes and will be given the option of either a full-refund or a session swap.

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