2021Moro Spanish Film Festival eTicket Bundles

Q: Where can I purchase Moro Spanish Film Festival eTicket Bundles?  

A: The first step is that  you need to become a Palace Movie Club member, if you are not already. There is a free tier available and simple instructions for how to sign up can be found HERE.  

eTicket Bundles can then be purchased via  the Palace Movie Club Member Portal (screenshot link  HERE) and you must be signed into your membership account in order to purchase and tickets will be automatically loaded into your account. 

Q: Where can I access Moro Spanish Film FestivaleTickets after purchasing?  

A: When booking online, find your purchased eTickets loaded under the Member Tickets Tab on film ticketing pages (as seen in screenshot link  HERE).  Alternatively, you can use your tickets at the box office, simply provide your Membership card or number, and request the use of your Moro Spanish Film Festival eTicket. 

Q: Where can I see how many Moro Spanish Film FestivaleTickets I have left?  

A: You can check how many you have left via the Member Portal (see screenshot link HERE). 

Q: I haven’t received my eTicket Bundle after booking online. Where can I find it? 

A: If you haven’t received your Moro Spanish Film Festival eTicket after making an online booking, make sure to double-check your junk inbox as sometimes Palace emails may default to this inbox.You can search your junk inbox for [email protected]. 

If you are still unable to locate your e Ticket, please call the cinema directly and they will be able to confirm your booking.  A full list of Palace Cinema contacts can be found at  www.palacecinemas.com.au/cinemas. 

Q: What are the specific terms and conditions of the Bundles? 

A: The Moro Spanish Film Festival eTicket Bundles are available for sale from March 31st to April 20th 2021 and must be redeemed throughout the duration of the 2021 Moro Spanish Film Festival in each state (not valid for Opening Night or special events).

Please choose film selections carefully as redemptions cannot be swapped once tickets have been booked.

Please note that the offer is not available to SA residents and tickets are valid for Palace Cinemas only, not partner cinemas(such as Palace Nova or Luna Palace).Tickets are non-refundable and not exchangeable across other Festivals. 

Q: Why is there an online booking fee? Is there a fee if I book at the box office? 

A: The booking fee exists to cover various incremental costs incurred by providing online and I.T. services. There is no booking fee if you redeem at the box office.

Q: Why can’t I book sessions for multiple cinemas in the one transaction? 

A: Currently, our website does allow for multiple tickets to be purchased for the same cinema site but does not allow for multiple sessions to be booked across multiple cinema locations.You will need to check out when you have completed the booking for each cinema site to begin a new order. 

Q: Where can I get more help?
A: If you have any other queries or issues please contact [email protected]