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666 Fridays: Pet Sematary

MA15+ 102 MIN
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Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Mary Lambert’s literally ground-breaking Stephen King adaptation is one of the finest interpretations of the horror master’s work to date. After moving into the country house of their dreams, Dr. Louis Creed and his family discover an old pet cemetery at the back of their property. Beyond it, lies a cursed burial ground, deep in the woods, able to bring the dead back to life (with some minor problems). As things take a dark turn for the Creeds, Louis begins to think the unthinkable, toying with a decision that may bring dire consequences. Campy, eerie and freaky, Mary Lambert’s take on Stephen King’s source material is a fan favourite, boasting an all-time great performance from Fred Gwynne of The Munsters fame, as oddball neighbour Jud Crandall, and – of course – Church the cat. An all-round crowd-pleaser, join us for a night of kooks and spooks as we bring Pet Sematary back to the big screen.

Movie Information

Release date

Friday 12th July


102 min