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666 Fridays: The Wicker Man / Angel Heart

MA15+ 215 MIN


We bring two diabolically sinister, wildly original and unsettling mysteries back to the big screen – THE WICKER MAN and ANGEL HEART. In The Wicker Man, a policeman becomes embroiled in a bizarre, pagan-esque conspiracy while searching for a young girl the town claims never existed. A sinister and mysterious deep dive into British responses to “the other” that has been called “the Citizen Kane of horror movies”, see the classic film that serves as the inspiration for Hereditary director Ari Aster’s upcoming feature Midsommer before its release, later this year.

A gritty, eerie classic, ANGEL HEART follows a hard-boiled private investigator (masterfully played by Mickey Rourke) who has been hired by a mysterious socialite (Robert DeNiro) to track down a crooner with outstanding debts, an assignment which takes him to New Orleans where he becomes embroiled in a series of gruesome and sinister murders. A captivating and, ultimately, terrifying experience with a finale that you won’t soon forget, Angel Heart is an underappreciated gem in dire need of cultural re-evaluation.

Movie Information

Release date

Friday 19th April


215 min