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BFF21 It Snows in Benidorm

MA15+ 117 MIN
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Peter (Timothy Spall, also starring in The Last Bus) has worked all his life at a Manchester bank. A man of routines and few joys; when he is awarded an early retirement, he decides to go to Benidorm, Spain to visit his brother Daniel with whom he has little contact. But when he arrives in Benidorm, Daniel seems to have vanished.

Benidorm is a fascinating melting pot of cultures, ages and lifestyles. Hedonistic pensioners rub shoulders with stag and hen parties and youngsters in search of sun, sex and raves.

In the search for his brother, Peter discovers that his brother owns the Benidorm Club, where dancers perform exotic and burlesque performances. He becomes embroiled in an investigation and meets two women who will cause him to re-examine the life he has been living: a policewoman (Carmen Machi) and a burlesque star with an enigmatic past (Sarita Choudhury).

Under the blinding sun of the east coast of Spain, director Isabel Coixet delivers a story of reinvention where Benidorm is a beautiful, dangerous and gloomy backdrop for a romantic love story in its twilight.

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Wednesday 3rd November


117 min




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