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BIFF17 24 Frames

15+ 120 MIN


Hailed universally as a master of cinematic poetry and a pre-eminent pioneer of the medium, Abbas Kiarostami, after post-surgery complications, died in Paris on July 4, 2016 at the age of 76. His tragic and unexpected passing left the Persian community worldwide bereft, along with collaborators, artists, filmmakers and his fan bases; collectively staggered at this monumental loss of such an artist and humanist. 24 Frames is just one of the many invaluable legacies of one of the greatest artists of the modern world.

The final work of this incredible auteur was made over three years, with a crew of Iranian technicians. It is more than a movie – it’s a haunting art installation and a moving meditation on nature, life and death. His legacy is this collection of 24, four-and- a-half- minute short vignettes, inspired by paintings and nature photographs he took over a span of more than four decades. What happens before and after a photograph is taken? In these frames, numbered microcosmic dramas play out like tiny fables.

24 Frames stands as a timeless testament to an incredible artistic talent, a sublime and emotional reminder of the power of one simple truthful image to tell a story.

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Wednesday 23rd August


120 min




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