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BIFF17 Dave Made a Maze

15+ 80 MIN
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Supremely inventive, Dave Made a Maze is a beautiful and rare kind of independent film, one that makes you wish you could access some hidden part of your brain and make this kind of thing yourself.

Dave is an artist with a reputation for never finishing a project, but this time he’s determined to see one of his quirkiest enterprises through to the end. He’s building a maze out of cardboard boxes in the living room of his apartment. Returning from a few days out of town, Dave’s girlfriend, Anna, finds him trapped inside the maze unable to find his way out.

Much like Dr Who’s TARDIS, it turns out Dave’s maze is far bigger on the inside than it seems and he really is trapped. Anna and a group of their friends decide to go in after him, believing the whole thing to be a joke - only to discover this joke may actually mean the difference between life or death.

Bill Watterson’s feature debut is a true discovery: A horror film with no horror. A sci-fi film with no special effects (or sci-fi). A mythic adventure film with no locations outside a cardboard box. And a genuine comedy filled with wonderful and artfully realised set pieces. It’s a rare thing.

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Thursday 24th August


80 min




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