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BIFF17 Life is a Very Strange Thing

15+ 83 MIN


Shot over two years mainly in France but also in Cambodia and Australia, life is a very strange thing, is full of warmth and tenderness that involves the audience in the shared joy, worry and uncertainty facing Frédéric, his family and his friends in modern France.

We observe the activities and eccentricities of the intelligent storyteller and avid collector Frédéric, who has lived his life deeply and with conviction, as he shows us the Paris and Bordeaux that he loves. A connoisseur of good food, wine, literature, music and art we meet, along with Frédéric, artists, activists and local characters along the sidewalks of Paris whilst he walks his beloved canine 17-year old companion. These wry encounters on the streets, in brocante shops and bars, and over lunch with neighbours give an intimate glimpse of a society that is getting on with life the only way it knows how, beneath darkening clouds of change and populist politics.

Life is a very strange thing is a heady and unusual mix of documentary bio-pic, social history and light comedy. Its use of observational filming, previously unseen archive images from PNG and Cambodia and art-house montage create a vivid sense of character and place.

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Thursday 31st August


83 min




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