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BIFF17 Maudie

PG 115 MIN
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An unlikely yet sweet romance develops between two outcasts on the fringes of society in this tender biopic based on the life of renowned Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis.

When unkempt and reclusive fishmonger Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke) places a want ad for a live-in housekeeper to look after his filthy one-room shack on the edge of the Nova Scotia woods, the arrival of Maudie (Sally Hawkins) on his doorstep changes his life.

Hunched over with crippling arthritis, with a bad leg and twisted hands, this budding artist has a steely determination to weather the storm of the socially awkward Everett’s initial brusqueness and outright cruelty. For her, this job is a chance to break free from her overprotective family and follow her passion as a painter.

It takes years, but finally Everett feels the stirrings of what might be love for this quirky, talkative, opinionated woman who has festooned his grim, grey house with her bright paintings and started to gain a small measure of fame by selling them. He faces a choice: pull back and withdraw, or take the plunge and open his hardened heart.

With an amazing performance from Sally Hawkins, this is the touching story of two lost souls chasing happiness against the odds.

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Release date

Friday 18th August


115 min




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