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BIFF17 My Year With Helen

15+ 93 MIN
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From a farmer’s daughter in the Waikato to New Zealand’s first elected female Prime Minister, Helen Clark’s trailblazing journey was an inspirational one – but it didn’t stop there. Last year, the former leader had a tilt at the top job in the United Nations. In the organisation’s 72 years, there have been eight Secretaries-General – all men. My Year with Helen is the story of this indomitable Kiwi’s bold attempt to shatter that glass ceiling.

With access all areas, filmmaker Gaylene Preston follows Clark on her campaign as she performs her duties as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, filming in Botswana, the UK, Spain, Ukraine and in New York City, the hub of the UN.

With honesty and candour, this empowering documentary captures the character of the exceptional woman ranked by Forbes magazine among the 25 most powerful in the world as she strives to change the status quo and make a giant leap for equality.

“I sometimes say, no one will put a red carpet out for any of us … did anyone ever say to me ‘Helen, please come forward and run for Parliament and strive to be a minister or Prime Minister?’ No. No red carpet was ever rolled out: you gotta knock those doors down.” – Helen Clark

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Monday 21st August


93 min




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