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BIFF17 On Body & Soul

15+ 106 MIN


the heart, a spluttering flame to light,
the heart, in mighty clouds of snow,
and yet inside, while flakes sear in their flight,
like endless flames of a burning city glow. – Agnes Nemes Nagy, Hungarian poet

Award-winning director Ildiko Enyedi, reads a lot of poetry and she used this poem as a starting point for this contemporary tale about the pain and beauty of life and love.

A mix of realism and dreams, this droll and deeply moving film centres on two awkward and introverted people who work in an abattoir outside Budapest. They discover that they meet in the same snow clad wooded-reality in their dreams each night. Each as graceful deer, loving and looking after each other in this peaceful forest setting. Maria and Endre learn ever so carefully and cautiously to come to terms with this intriguing and beguiling situation during daylight hours.

On Body and Soul reminds us that in the unlikeliest of places and at the most perfect of times, love can blossom with its own infinite wisdom. The brave are rewarded and we don’t have to do anything but have trust, compassion and come from a position of love.

Movie Information

Release date

Friday 18th August


106 min




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