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BIFF17 Refugee Women

15+ 102 MIN


With its projects for social development and the empowerment of the individual, the Sabanci Foundation has been a pioneer for 43 years working for the development of Turkey and seeking solutions to social problems through institutions, scholarships, awards and grant programs. Now turning to cinema to highlight social issues, the Foundation signals that it is spearheading a very important movement in social responsibility. By witnessing the tragic situations that refugee women are faced with through the lens of artists the Foundation believes it will prompt people to think more on and produce solutions with regard to this subject. The opinion leader for the 2016 inaugural “short film, long impact” program was famous National Geographic photojournalist and humanist, Reza Deghati and he asked the creators to consider the following theme: ‘Refugee Women are history’s silent heroes. Please join us to give them a voice.’ Addressing the subject with five minute short films, the directors brought new viewpoints to this world social problem from their perspectives, encouraging new talent towards becoming the eyes of society in the years that follow. These final directors allow us to view a social issue that concerns the whole world through their eyes. With the hope that films of the future find a better world as their subject…

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Saturday 19th August


102 min




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