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BIFF17 That's Not Me

15+ 85 MIN
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Aspiring actor Polly (Alice Foulcher) dreams of being Hollywood’s next big thing – but she doesn’t quite have the drive and chutzpah to put that plan in motion. Hawking choc tops and sweeping up in a cinema’s pretty close to being an actor, right?

Her identical twin sister Amy (also Alice Foulcher, and also an actor) knows a big break when she sees one. When Polly turns down a role in an Aussie soap opera, Amy jumps at the chance – and soon she’s launched a career and landed the lead role in huge HBO television show, opposite Jared Leto.
Polly is devastated at missing out – until she starts being mistaken for her famous sister. Suddenly, everything’s on the table for her: free clothes, free booze, casual sex, all the trappings of fame. All she has to do is tell a few little lies.

Fresh and breezy, this homemade feelgood comedy of sisterly rivalry is all about navigating the shallowness of celebrity to find a meaningful place in the world. We can’t all be Oscar winners. Not everyone will make it. But is that such a bad thing?

Shot in Los Angeles and Melbourne on a shoestring budget of $60,000, this debut feature from newly-minted filmmaking duo Foulcher and husband Gregory Erdstein has been generating serious buzz on the festival circuit from Sydney to Santa Barbara.

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Release date

Thursday 24th August


85 min




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