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Cinema-Italia: The Entrepreneur

M 94 MIN


Giuliano Montaldo’s multi-award winning taut drama tells the story of factory owner Nicola Ranieri who is struggling both professionally and emotionally. The banks are foreclosing and pride has taken him to the brink of ruin as he refuses to use his wife’s wealth and family name as a guarantor against further loans. He is just days away from bankruptcy unless the German company Zenith confirms the fifteen million euro share option deal. But Nicola also suspects his beautiful architect wife is having an affair. Following her, he discovers a regular rendezvous with Gabriel, a Romanian musician and car park attendant. Attempting to secretly help her husband financially, Laura finds herself instead at the centre of Nicola’s intense jealousy.
Set in Turin, the movie shows a city paralysed by the financial crisis. Deserted factories, almost empty streets and the distant sound of protest provide the backdrop for this incisive yet deeply personal film that shows just how quickly and easily the economic crisis can destroy individual lives.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 28th May


94 min