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Cinema-Italia: The Legendary Giulia

15+ 115 MIN


Diego (Luca Argentero, A Boss in the Kitchen), Fausto (Edoardo Leo, I Can Quit Whenever I Want) and Claudio (Stefano Fresi) are three down-on-their-luck men. When they meet by chance looking at a property in the country none of them are able to afford, the three men decide to combine forces and risk everything to start a Bed and Breakfast. They invest everything they have, physically and mentally, into the project, but the financial pressures mount and are made even more stressful with the local mafia demanding regular payments and threatening to suffocate their venture! It seems that only a miracle will
bring them back on track. Indeed, the miracle they need arrives in the most unlikely of forms. But is it enough? Based on the book Alfa Romeo 1300 and Other Miracles by Fabio Bartolomei, this story delivers
overwhelming optimism which will make you believe anything is possible and the fantastic cast resonate this positive message throughout.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 15th October


115 min





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