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EFFA18: Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq



Presented by Environmental Fim Festival Australia with partner Darebin City Council.

“First-time filmmaker Yatri Niehaus’s non-traditional narrative creates an introspective cinematic experience with an ethereal score and captivating imagery. This film sparks a true sense of connection by sharing the wisdom of the indigenous communities most impacted by the environmental devastation that marks our current world.” – Stephanie Owens, LA Film Festival

The story of the world’s environmental history has been captured in the Greenland ice sheet for millions of years. Massive glaciers constantly unearth long gone states of the planet. The Kalaallit people of Greenland have been inseparably connected to the eternal ice for millennia. But in just a few short years, colonialism has put pressure on this culture to accept a more “modern” lifestyle. Today, as the foundation of their traditions is literally melting beneath their feet, documentarian Yatri N. Niehaus sets out with a team of two photographers to capture images of a sadly vanishing world. Set in an environment of eternal snow and ice, a land of seal hunters and dog sleighs, the film artfully portrays the ever-shifting culture of the original inhabitants of Greenland’s white plains. Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq presents a profound cinematic meditation on the rapid changes our planet is undergoing, as it revolves around the famed Pole Star.

This film will be followed by a panel discussion - see effa.org.au for more information.

Movie Information

Release date

Wednesday 17th October


86 min




Film Festival