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FFF18 Big Bad Fox & Other Tales

G 80 MIN


Academy Award-nominated director of Ernest & Celestine (AF FFF2013), Benjamin Renner, teams again with his collaborator Patrick Imbert to wow young audiences with their genius in animation with The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales, a screen adaptation of Renner’s own graphic novel. If you think the countryside is calm and peaceful, then you might want to think again. France’s most unconventional farm plays home to a number of mixed-up animal folk. We are introduced to a fox that thinks he is a chicken, a rabbit that acts like a stork and a duck that wants to replace Father christmas. Not surprisingly, their shenanigans are as hilarious as their identity confusion. Featuring the voices of Céline Ronté and Boris Rehlinger,
The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales is a charming, heartwarming and very, very funny film, as confirmed by the way in which it was embraced atthe 2017 Annecy Animation Festival. Drawing inspiration from Looney Tunes, Renner
and Imbert’s styling and knack for creating exuberantly irreverent characters is guaranteed to delight children, as well as the child within us all.

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Tuesday 27th February


80 min




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