FFF18 Diane Has the Right Shape

27th February, 2018 (MA15+)
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  • Duration 87 min
  • Rating MA15+


Writer-director Fabien Gorgeart had made a number of short films by the time he produced one with the entrancing Clotilde Hesme (Chocolat, AF FFF2017; The Last Hammer Blow, AF FFF2015) and was consequently inspired to create his first feature film with her in mind, Diane Has the Right
Shape. Can you separate your mind from your belly? That’s the question Hesme, as Diane, must ask herself when she agrees – a little too quickly – to be the surrogate mother for her best friends, Jacques (Grégory Montel, Call My Agent!, AF FFF2016) and Thomas (Thomas Suire). There is a flippancy
to Diane that is put to the test when she falls for a visiting electrician, Fabrizio (Fabrizio Rongione). It is only then she realises her body is as much the property of Thomas and Jacques as it is her own. What starts here as a quirky dramedy gets increasingly tense as the moral stakes are raised. However, rather than take a stance on the rights or wrongs of surrogacy, Gorgeart
uses his allegory to explore how a seemingly ‘ideal’ situation can become confrontational with new and unanticipated emotional states.

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