FFF18 Number One

27th February, 2018 (M)
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  • Director Tonie Marshall
  • Cast Benjamin Biolay, Emmanuelle Devos
  • Duration 110 min
  • Rating M


Tonie Marshall, the only female filmmaker to win a Best Director César (Venus Beauty Institute, 1999), explores the status of women in France’s corporate world and how merit shapes up against privilege in her latest drama, Number One. Emmanuelle (Emmanuelle Devos, Domestic Life, AF FFF2014) has risen through the ranks of a major energy firm to sit on its board of directors. When an influential network of women offers to help her become head of France’s biggest water company – making her the first woman to hold such a position – what at first seems like an exciting challenge degenerates into all-out gender war. Representing the ‘ancien regime’ of corporate white male privilege is Jean (Richard Berry, Crossfire, AF FFF2009), who also has his eyes set on this role. Featuring a stellar ensemble cast that includes Suzanne Clément (Laurence Anyways, AF FFF2013), Sami Frey and John Lynch (In the Name of the Father, 1993; Sliding Doors, 1998), Number One is a thought-provoking portrayal of the down-and-dirty machinations utilised to acquire power and stay at the top of the corporate “heap”.

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