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FFF20 Savages: Part 2

MA15+ 161 MIN

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With its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival’s influential Primetime programme, Parisian director Rebecca Zlotowski (AF FFF17, Planetarium; AF FFF14, Grand Central) makes an about-turn from big screen to television with her acclaimed mini-series, Savages. Zlotowski co-writes this taut thriller with Sabri Louatah, upon whose novels the television series is based, taking viewers on a breathtaking ride into politics, class and social inequality in modern-day France.

Savages begins as Idder Chaouch (played by Roschdy Zem, who also directed AF FFF17, Monsieur Chocolat; AF FFF12, Omar Killed Me), on the verge of becoming France’s first Maghrebi president, is thrown into chaos by an attempted assassination. As much as Savages focuses on the sophisticated behind-thescenes machinations of the political world, Chaouch’s fate lies in the hands of his family including his daughter, Jasmine (Souheila Yacoub); her fiancé, Faoud (Dali Benssalah); and Faoud’s brother, Nazir (Sofiane Zermani).

Weaving a complex tale of a family – and a nation – at war with itself, Zlotowski reveals the ways personal relationships can impact the bigger picture, especially where politics are concerned. The truth behind the attack on Chaouch reveals more than a family in crisis, which makes Savages a spellbinding, edge-of-your-seat plunge into the heart of power and identity in contemporary France.

Please note this film will screen with a 10 minute intermission.

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"“Savages is a sprawling social and political fresco, a human comedy that confronts French society with all its divides and contradictions.”"

- Cineuropa

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 10th March


161 min




Amira Casar, Roschdy Zem, Marina Foïs, Souheila Yacoub, Dali Benssalah


Film Festival


French with English subtitles

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