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FFF21 Aline

M 128 MIN
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It’s the 1980s and the music industry has a new star. A teenage girl from Quebec, Canada, has exploded onto the world stage to deliver stirring power-pop ballads with her once-in-a-lifetime singing voice, earning her millions of fans. Her name is Aline Dieu.

Inspired by the life, loves and legacy of real-life Quebecker singing sensation Céline Dion, Aline is bursting with music, drama and show-stopping performances that will sweep you off your feet. Following Aline’s evolution as a gifted child nurtured by her parents, to her early years being mentored by the producer who would one day also love her, to her global domination as a performer of breathtaking emotional intensity, this fictional biopic is a glorious tribute to the best-selling Canadian recording artist of all time.

Having previously directed, written and starred in Marie-Francine (AF FFF18), the multitalented Valérie Lemercier once more assumes all three duties, capitalising on her remarkable physical resemblance to Céline Dion to play Aline. As a self-proclaimed fan, Lemercier has ensured that other loyal members of Team Céline will give their hearts to Aline and their hearts will go on and on.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 2nd March


128 min




Valérie Lemercier


Film Festival


French and English with English subtitles