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FFF22 Love Songs for Tough Guys

M 106 MIN
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Featuring a delicious ensemble cast led by the fabulous François Damiens (Of Love and Lies, AF FFF20) and Vanessa Paradis (Family Photo, AF FFF19), the hilarious new romantic comedy from Samuel Benchetrit (In Your Hands, AF FFF19) is a charmingly-affectionate fable of a disparate group of ordinary people finding love and fulfillment through an unexpected source: the arts.

In the port city of Dunkirk, weary crime boss Jeff (The Bélier Family’s wonderful Damiens) has a big problem: young punks are muscling in on his turf. But Jeff is distracted: he’s fallen for Roxane, a supermarket cashier he adores from afar. Taking a leaf from the Cyrano playbook, he tries to win her heart by writing love poems, but doesn’t have the courage to deliver them. Meanwhile, Jeff's grizzled and near-mute enforcer is sent to shake down local suburban widow Suzanne (a never-better Paradis), who is preparing to portray Simone de Beauvoir in the community theatre’s annual musical, but instead finds himself drawn into the actual production…

Featuring an exquisitely layered script that slowly reveals genuine pathos for all its characters, Love Songs for Tough Guys is a deadpan but giddily romantic fable of imperfect people with complex and passionate interior lives. Huge-hearted and funny, it’s one of the most entertaining and intelligent comedies of this year’s selection.

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Tuesday 1st March


106 min




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