Film Club: Hollywood Shuffle

25th March, 2019 (M)
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  • Duration 81 min
  • Rating M
  • Genre Retrospective


This anarchic low-budget feature debut from actor and comedian Robert Townsend lampoons the stereotypical roles Hollywood sidelines African American actors with, juxtaposing the struggles of aspiring star Bobby Taylor (played by Townsend himself, drawing upon his own experiences) with a series of sketches and vignettes on race and the movie business. Co-written by Keenen Ivory Wayans, this gleeful parody was made for a mere $100,000 on credit cards and without permits, and ended up becoming a box office hit upon its release in 1987.

Screening as part of the Palace Cinemas x Film Club Comedy Series (Mar 4-Apr 18), exclusive to Palace Central.

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