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GER19 As Green As It Gets

15+ 115 MIN
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Elmar Wepper brings wit and warmth to his performance as Georg “Schorsch” Kempter, a grumpy gardener in a small Bavarian town, whose nursery is facing bankruptcy. His marriage has lost its magic and he can’t connect with his daughter. It is only when flying in his own rickety biplane that Schorsch feels truly free. When the owner of the golf course refuses to pay him because the grass Schorsch has planted there is not “as green as it gets”, Schorsch finally snaps. Just as his plane is about to be impounded, he grabs the control stick and flies away on a voyage into the unknown. As he discovers new places and experiences extraordinary encounters, each take-off and landing edges Schorsch ever closer to happiness.

This charming road movie also seconds as a postcard of the German countryside with stunning aerial shots of a journey brimming with rare surprises and delightful characters.

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Tuesday 21st May


115 min




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