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GER19 Cold Feet

18+ 98 MIN
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Garnering over 100,000 admissions over its opening weekend in Germany, Cold Feet is a charming romantic comedy sure to warm hearts and spread smiles on the faces of festival audiences across the country.
Denis (a handsome Emilio Sakraya), is a third-rate, small-time burglar who needs to pay his debts to some disagreeable crooks. In order to get the money, he breaks into the Austrian winter cottage of rich businessman and stroke patient, Raimund (screen veteran Heiner Lauterbach). It seemed like the perfect plan until a raging snowstorm hits the region just as Raimund’s granddaughter Charlotte (Sonja Gerhardt) comes to visit, mistaking Denis for the new nurse. With escape not an option, Denis decides to play along. What follows is an entertaining game of cat and mouse, where a suspicious Charlotte, her handicapped grandfather and the clever young man are unexpectedly forced to unite and put their resources to use.

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Tuesday 21st May


98 min




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