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GER19 Sweethearts

18+ 107 MIN
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Acclaimed actress-director Karoline Herfurth’s second directorial outing is this all-star, action-fuelled comedy that packs a punch.
Mel (former European Shooting Star Hannah Herzsprung, also in Threepennyfilm) is a professional criminal and single mum looking to pull off her greatest coup – a diamond heist. What she doesn’t know is that her choice of hostage in the nerdy, easily panic-stricken Franny (played by director Herfurth) will turn the entire situation on its head. With the Berlin underworld quickly closing in on them, as well as the forces of law and disorder, the mismatched and constantly fighting pair soon form the most unlikely of friendships, becoming the perfect tag team. But when Mel adds the handsome cop Harry (Frederick Lau, also in The Captain) to her collection of hostages and Franny immediately falls for him, the situation shifts from utter chaos to uproarious mayhem, and the entire escape is jeopardized.

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Tuesday 21st May


107 min




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