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GER21 Free Country

18+ 128 MIN
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It’s 1992 and police inspectors Patrick and Markus are sent off to a remote corner of Germany to investigate the disappearance of two teen sisters. From opposing sides of the Berlin Wall, the two detectives use very different methods to investigate in a town where it seems like everyone has something to hide.

Starring Trystan Pütter (Toni Erdmann, Perfume, Transit) and Felix Kramer (Dark, Dogs of Berlin) the detectives are plunged into the troubled waters of a place where the effects of the East German regime still muddy the waters after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Did the young girls run away to the big city, or did something more sinister happen? The pair of detectives from differing backgrounds will have to work together to solve the mystery, as they are greeted by a wall of silence in the town. No one saw anything and everyone seems suspicious.

A remake of the Spanish film Marshland, and tensely staged by genre expert director Chrisitian Alvart (Cut Off GER19, Don’t. Get. Out!), Free Country is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that will have you questioning everyone.

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Release date

Tuesday 25th May


128 min




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