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GER21 The Bra

15+ 90 MIN
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An unconventional Cinderella story where the crystal slipper steps aside for a blue bra, The Bra is a refreshing comedy set in scenic Azerbaijan, from acclaimed German director Veit Helmer.

A freight train is rolling across the vast grasslands along the Caucasian mountains. Train driver Nurlan (Predrag 'Miki' Manojlovic) is heading to Baku for the last time before retirement. On its way through the densely populated neighbourhoods of the city, his train accidentally snags a blue bra off a washing line. Driven by his loneliness, Nurlan decides to embark on the most adventurous journey of his life: to find the owner of this perky piece of underwear.

He leaves his village, rents a room in Baku and with great dedication starts knocking on the doors along the train track. While the women he encounters have their own reasons for letting him into their private worlds, his ‘project’ does not remain unnoticed by their husbands.

Told without dialogue but full of poetry, The Bra delivers a delightful tragicomic fairytale about love.


WINNER: Script Prize, Best Actor, Special Mention – Feature Film, Avanca Film Festival 2019.

WINNER: Best Feature – Comedy, Cinequest San Jose Film Festival 2019.

NOMINATED: Best Cinematography, German Film Awards 2019.

NOMINATED: Best Film, Tokyo International Film Festival 2018.

NOMINATED: Best Film, Vukovar Film Festival 2019



- Chicago Reader

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 25th May


90 min




Veit Helmer


Film Festival


No dialogue