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GFF17 Afterlov

18+ 94 MIN


“A subversive romantic comedy about what happens when an inescapable attraction arises between people who push away and those who run away.” Cineuropa

Locking his characters away in a luxurious villa in the middle of a hot summer, debut feature filmmaker Stergios Paschos creates sparks in a cathartic and claustrophobic tale of ex-lovers refusing to admit defeat.

Not content with lazing his days away by the pool, drinking cocktails and playing with the dog, Nikos (Haris Fragoulis) hatches a plan to lure his ex-beloved Sofia (Iro Bezou) to the palatial compound he is housesitting. Once there, Sofia’s weekend getaway takes a left turn with Nikos shuttering the doors and hiding the key, demanding answers as to where it all went wrong.

Fights, games, laughter and introspection give way to childlike defiance while Nikos and Sofia navigate their way through a poignant and sometimes scathing post-love predicament.

Stergios Paschos was winner of the Artistic Achievement Award at Thessaloniki Film Festival 2016.

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Release date

Tuesday 10th October


94 min




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