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GFF17 Mythopathy

15+ 100 MIN


“If your son is careful in what he says, a beautiful life is ahead of him.”

Celebrated filmmaker Tassos Boulmetis (A Touch of Spice, GFF 2004) returns from a 12-year hiatus with a long-awaited story of ‘sarcastic nostalgia’ that revisits a picturesque yet politically turbulent Athens during the ‘70s and ‘80s.

When the south wind blows, Stavros (Giannis Niaros, One Breath, GFF 2016) invents stories that fly in the face of classical Greek myths, bending and twisting legends to fit his mixed-up view of the world. Upsetting his straight-laced parents and baffling specialist after specialist, a local fortune-teller diagnoses him with ‘mythopathy’ – a rare condition that allows him to reshape reality whenever he suffers a broken heart.

Funny, wistful and somewhat autobiographical, Mythopathy shows that – even when the world changes – love, heartbreak and politics still stay the same.

Winner of Best Feature Film at the Hellas Filmbox Berlin Festival 2017.

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Release date

Tuesday 10th October


100 min




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